Paysera is a safe, cheap and easy way to perform payments or send and receive money online. We are working each day to make difficult and complex processes simple and expensive services cheaper.

Paysera is an advanced, effective, proven and safe electronic money system with an unlimited electronic money licence No. 1 issued by the Bank of Lithuania. It offers a free settlement account which allows for a quick, safe and low-cost (often – free of charge) payment for goods and services.

Paysera account is a true electronic wallet, which can not be lost; you will always find the amount of money that you have deposited in your account. In most cases, this type of account is better than bank account, because it is subject to higher security requirements, administrators of Paysera system can not lend or invest money held on the owner’s account.

Paysera.com services are constantly expanded and improved by the top-level specialists in accordance with the latest payment innovations.










Company status: Startup

Age of Business: 15

Start Public Sale: 2019-04-30

Accepts: EUR

Fundraising goal: 2,500,000 EUR

Min investment: 100 EUR

Token Holder Rights: By investing in the Paysera STO, investors will be granted 10% of any gross profit generated by any new Paysera client. Payouts to investors will be calculated based on gross profit generated by newly registered clients within two years after client registration date.

Token Details

Ticker: Payser

Price: 1 Payser = USD

Blockchain platform: Ethereum

Total supply tokens: 2,500,000

Token Standart: ERC-20

Available for sale: 2,500,000 Payser

Legal Aspects

Legal name: Paysera LT, UAB

Registration number: 304175555

Regulation rules: US Securities and Exchange Commission - Reg D (506c)

Jurisdiction: Lithuania

Address: Šv. Ignoto 5, Vilnius, Lithuania

KYC: Yes

AML: Yes

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