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Mission of NERVE

Interactions and trust between streamers and viewers are becoming more and more important in the community. Viewers have long since ceased to be mere observers, but are determining the content that a streamer has to deliver in an increasingly active role. Parallel to this trend, the market in this segment is experiencing exponential growth. Streamers are becoming well-known stars and have long been purchased by large corporations as advertising space. NERVE has set itself the goal of creating new structures in these emerging markets (online streaming, betting, VR) in combination with blockchain technology, which go beyond large monopolies of large corporations and want to go the way with the community to new innovations.

Anyone can integrate NERVE into their individual business case to improve the growth, overall success, reputation and revenue of the community. As an open source project in connection with the 5 pillars of the blockchain (open, public, borderless, neutral, censorship resistant) NERVE strengthen a new movement and not only change the addressed areas, but also create new thought patterns in the areas of privacy, anonymity, surveillance, censorship and data protection. The long-term goal is to create a blockchain-based virtual world in which everyone has access to education, art, culture and much more.









Company status: Seed stage

Age of Business: 2019-03-28

Start Public Sale: 2019-12-01

Accepts: ETH

Min goal: 100,000 EUR

Fundraising goal: 10,000,000 EUR

Min investment: 100 EUR

Max investment: 100,000 EUR

Token Holder Rights: Equity Token - Revenue Shares

Token Details

Ticker: NRV

Price: 1 NRV = 1 EUR

Blockchain platform: Ethereum

Total supply tokens: 1,000,000

Token Standart: ERC-20

Legal Aspects

Legal name: NERVE CORP

Regulation rules: Tba

Jurisdiction: Seychelles

Address: Global Gateway 8, Rue De La Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles.

Whitelist: Yes

KYC: Yes

AML: Yes

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